¡Tú puedes ser un POWERISTA!

Thanks to you


On behalf of our team, we are so grateful! For the solidarity of our collaborators who have supported the campaign on the Global Giving fundraising platform, to make Maria’s  and her family’s dream, finally come true: an eco-efficient home with solar energy in the Nature Village.

This is one of the 50 families that thanks to your  generosity and others  will have access for the first time to clean water and energy, a bathroom, and better living conditions. In houses built with recycled plastic through the partnership  with Habitat for Humanity Dominican Republic. 

Thanks to 60 individual donations  we reached our goal of US$ 5,000. Achieving these benchmarks  officially granted us  to be part of the  Global Giving platform and in that way, remain active in the portal receiving  funds to complete the total goal for that house and other initiatives.  

¡And we are not done yet!
The total cost of Maria’s house is around US$ 8,500, it contemplates 3 bedrooms for her family. If you have already made your contribution, we encourage you to tell your friends and contacts in your network, and motivate them to be part of this campaign  so that together we can complete this unique project.

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